Easitill is a family owned and run business with more than 25 years experience in the EPoS and E-Commerce industry and we offer support services based on that experience. We often hear of EPoS users who are unhappy with the support they receive from their existing supplier. Easitill offer support second to none, as shown below.


Just compare our support line opening hours

We are open from 9.00 am to 6 pm seven days a week.

Many support problems first evidence themselves when staff start up in the morning or do the z read at the end of day, so we are there for you to help with any problems.

(many of our competition offer shorter hours for only five days a week).


Support from us is via a dedicated helpline telephone number

A dedicated helpline telephone number with automatic switching to multiple support operators. It is very unlikely it will ring many times before someone answers.

Behind the helpline we have a central co-ordinator and call logging system Easitill software runs Easitill Ltd. The company, so all staff can offer some support.

Direct support request emails to key support personnel with automatic circulation.

We offer totally integrated support from a single source and do not use third party hardware maintenance companies for many reasons.

These include delays due to sharing support with multiple brands and scheduling engineers on a next day basis rather than immediate response, communication breakdown, expensive delays whilst hardware / software conflicts are resolved between the companies. Third party hardware only engineers cannot offer operational and software help, whilst on site.

Area engineers are backed by three levels at H.Q.

We have our own area engineers who are backed by hq support personnel, who in turn are backed by two additional levels of support personnel based at Headquarters. Many of our support staff also have retail experience

There are no free lunches when buying support.

Over the years Easitill has always strived for maximum efficiency and to provide the best customer support and software upgrades at the lowest possible cost. Of course this costs an annual fee but the difference between this comprehensive Easitill support package and telephone or remote support only is negligible when compared to the total costs caused by system failure. Our competitors often quote low on support but then either charge for onsite or provide poor support. We often meet end users who complain that their existing supplier is not supporting them but when we investigate we find they are paying little or nothing for support but expecting full on site support. There are no free lunches when buying support.