We have various solutions for all your labelling requirements and can help with everything from which printer to choose to suit your needs, to our plant database which has all you require to create plant labels, through to label materials.

Easitill Label Designer (Part of the Easitill System)

Use our label template designer to create your own style and design of label for use with various label materials.

For Colour Label Printing - OKI Laser Printers

Produce high quality colour labels using FloraLabels.

Ideal for Retail Nurseries and Garden Centres
Use our label template designer to create your own style and design of label to any size up to A4 width (provided your media allows)
Create tie-ons, stick in’s bed labels and more all to your own spec.
Add your own plant details or edit ours which are provided in our plant database containing over 20,000 plant variations and 15,000 plant pages/ProductPages/Labelling/images all ready to use.
Use your own pages/ProductPages/Labelling/images or ours (as above)
We also provide the materials for different labelling needs for the OKI, so there is no need to worry about media supplies.

Datamax E-Class - Thermal Printer

Entry level printer ideal for low to medium volume label printing requirements. The E-class has emerged as the printer of choice in application requiring less than 1,000 labels per day.

The Datamax E-Class Family is designed to be the printer of choice when value, performance and features are the primary printer requirements.
(Please note for label printing with the Datamax printers the standard Easitill embedded barcode designs can only be used and cannot be used in conjunction with the Easitill Label Designer.)

Find out more about our Plant Database