EPoS for Equestrian & Country Store  

We offer Equestrian & Country Store EPoS software features from Easitill EPoS designed specifically over the last 25 years to make running your Equestrian & Country Store easier.
Easitill is not just a till, but a simple, powerful, retail EPoS and web solution

Our system is easy to learn and use. We use a well structured and proven application and training cycle.
Easitill EPoS does exactly what you need to control your Equestrian & Country Store business and improve profits simply and effectively. 
Easitill EPoS Can provide you with a range of solutions to help improve your Equestrian & Country Store business.
Here are just some of the software Modules and features from Easitill EPoS to make running your Equestrian & Country Store easier and more cost effective: 
• Customisable and programmable keys.
• Integrated weighing scales or weight embedded barcoding.
• Many different ways of selling in units of measurement/weights.
• Multiple Types of Offers & Discounts available. Sell in bundles, kits, mix and match offers, £ off, % off, by specific product or ranges and much more.
• Stock Replenishment - Create orders automatically or manually based on previous orders, current stock levels, set up minimum reorder level parameters. 
• Sales Order Processing 
• Vital Pet Products & Pedigree Wholesale Database Import -Import products descriptions, prices and images directly.
• Direct Ordering from the system to Vital Pet Products
• Customisable label designer
• Customisable invoice designer
• Stock Audit Trail 
• Customer Management
• Supplier Management
• Purchase Order History
• Stock Data Import
• Detailed Sales Reporting
• Customer/Sales group discounting table setup
• Product colour and size tables
• Product Stock Control Management
• Sage export function
• Purchase Order Manager
• Shelf Refill
• Stock Discrepancy Reporting
• Stock Take facility
• Options for creating and running loyalty systems
• Integrated Chip & PIN
• Linked to Easitill Web shop/ecommerce

and much more ask us for a demonstration of our Equestrian & Country Store EPoS System on 01604 881881 to find out for yourselves.