Retail EPoS System Configurations

From small to large, single till to multi till, single site to multi-site, Easitill have the optimum configuration  for you in terms of capital and operational cost. We have short, medium & long term finance options.

For Single Site, Single Till Retailers: 

MST - Integrated Master and Till

Easitill helps Nursery, Garden Centre, Pet or other retailer by installing the whole system on a single computer at the point of sale. This can be a single unit as above or to drive one or more slave tills at the checkout as shown below. Having the Master at the checkout  saves capital costs and operational staffing costs by avoiding extra staff being employed in the Back Office. At quiet times the Master does Back Office functions and at peak times it switches in seconds and becomes another Till & visa versa.

For Single Site, Multiple Till Retailers: 

 MT-1S - Integrated Master Till & 1 Slave Till


For Multiple Site, and/or Multiple Till Retailers:

MO-1S -1R - 1W - Master Office, Local Slave Till, Remote Slave Till & Warehouse


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