About Us

Company Background

Easitill was founded originally in 1988 and began by distributing Epos solutions from third parties until 1990. Today Easitill continues to thrive as a family run business with its own in-house designed and built products.
Today, Easitill currently employ 15+ staff, some of whom have been with us the full 20+ years. Today we believe that our team of staff is the strongest team we have had yet. Together as a team they offer a wealth of knowledge. With being a small family run company with a very close staff network, each and every member takes their role of offering good service and dedication to our customers very personally and seriously, often going above and beyond for many of our customers.

Technology and Experience

There were initially two types of EPoS system in the early days, one being EPOS units that looked like conventional tills and the other, Personal Computers with EPOS hardware plugged into the standard computer interface at the rear. It soon became apparent that the latter had many advantages particularly in terms of flexibility and maximum protection against obsolescence. Since 1991 all Easitill units installed have been exclusively based on personal computers running Easitill software.
Apart from the hardware, a number of other important lessons were learned, during this early period, the most important of which was that we needed to have a single company with total control from software to support, with no commercial or communication barriers between the various support functions. Otherwise the software

  Easitill Main Office at Brixworth, Northants

suppliers were often ignoring requests for quite minor software changes which would be very useful to the End User Retailer or what came back from software development wasn’t what we wanted or alternatively requests for support were being lost in the pyramid support system. Therefore customer support engineers needed to be able to talk directly to the software designers in the same company.
One of Easitill's learning experiences in more recent years is that of "cloud" computing EPoS systems, run by central Servers connected via the internet. Although there are many valid benefits to this sort of system in many areas and for certain application, we have also experienced the pitfalls of use in conjunction with EPoS. This is where Easitill has always been ahead. Although the UK internet is getting better, it is still notioriously unreliable for a constant connection in most areas of the UK. What happens if you are running an EPoS system which relies on a constant connection to a server via broadband and that connection goes down?
The difference between Easitill and other systems running via the internet is that Easitill has always offered the ability to also work locally on the local machine and continue actively working without a connecton until this connection can be resistated, without stopping the retailers EPoS system.
Throughout our 20+ years experience Easitill continues to learn many valuable lessons in both EPoS and retail management which we continue to pass on to our customers to assist them to thrive in an  increasingly competive world.